Amongst all the goodies at Craft Hatch this weekend, I was completely taken by the above knitted bags from Reckless Exuberance and Jessie Willow Tucker's wonderfully, colourful creations.

Psst. Did you know, Craft Hatch will be holding a super-sized Hatch at 1000 £ Bend this August? Applications for stall holders are now open. There are 30 stalls up for grabs.


Honglish said...

Hi Evie ,
I am currently a 3rd year student at Leeds college of Art, Leeds, England . I follow your blog and have fallen in love with your Travelling Circus range. I am currently designing a plushie range for Children and I was just wondering what kind of materials you use for the overall toy shapes and which ones you feel work best? I have used Jersey and cotton and am looking to broaden my experiments. Any advice would be great :) Thanks so much for your time

Virtual Dedicated Hosting said...

Cute work!

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh my gosh those bags remind me of the bags from... oh gosh whats the show called.... with EC? I'm making no sense. But the bags talk.
Anyway I love the bacon and eggs! What fun