crafted by ayelet

 All images are from here and belong to Ayelet.
Thanks Ayelet for letting me share them.

Last week I received the loveliest email from fellow crafty lady, Ayelet who lives far away in Israel. Like myself Ayelet is a graphic designer with dreams of becoming a craft artist. Above are some of Ayelet's wonderful animal creations. I especially like the little joey in the mama's pouch and the clever use of maps as backdrops.

Ayelet's email was also a timely reminder why I started blogging. The week before I lost a hand-full of followers in a matter of days. I was terribly worried that I had offended or even worse bored some readers to the point of no longer following me. Oh no!! While this troubled me for a day or so I reminded myself that follower numbers was not why I kept a blog. It didn't matter if I had 10 or 500 followers as long as I was enjoying the process and documenting the things that I make and find that inspire me. Plus people need to spring clean their blog lists from time to time. Don't they? It just so happens a bunch of you were doing this during the same week. Oh well. 

So to hear from Ayelet who was feeling inspired by checking in to see what I was blogging about was exactly what it was all about for me. I was (and still am) inspired and motivated by SO many blogs, creative and otherwise and after years of lurking and getting inspired from others I felt like giving back, in some small way by starting my own. I wanted to join in and be part of the wonderful online community that I believe exists, especially in the world of crafty blogs! And I'm so glad that I did.



one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I love your blog. It always inspires me and I love getting lost in your sweet world. It's a beautiful place. I also really love Ayelet's litle Seals. They're gorgeous.
I hope you have an amazing day, as you always brighten mine. xx

laazy Animals said...

Your blog is awesome! I'm always waiting to see your next post. Keep on blogging, and thanks for this post!!

Busy Bird said...

I love reading your blog evie! - I find it very inspiring and interesting. I feel exactly the same about the why of having a blog. I'm so glad you share your amazing talents and ideas with everyone.

thea said...

ooh yes, I'm all about that little joey too :)