bow tie man

While in Myer and paying attention to what was actually inside the building (see post below) I spotted this distant relative of C-3PO looking rather dapper in a big red bow tie and crafty attire. I think he may have been trying to sell toasters.


Mon Alisa Design said...

He he! I'm not a fan of mannequins (due to a Dr Who episode that frightened the hell outta me) but i quite like this fellow. I think it's the red bowtie :)

Sophie Isobel said...

Wow, what a work of art. Loving the bow tie and but I'm just trying to work out what he is selling.. it must be one nifty toaster!
Sophie x

penny said...

thanks for posting this . . my daughter is lucky to be part of the visual merchandising team at the new Myer Melbourne store. She tells me that this series of manequin displays, were done by some very talented VM students from Kangan TAFE . . . she was also thrilled to see some vm work on a blog . . . and it made me look a little less "daggy" in her eyes, as to the blogs I choose and love to read . . ta