Wow! Thanks so much everyone for your incredible support and words of encouragement regarding the characters below. You can't begin to imagine how much it all means to me. Just knowing there are people who like what I've created, I think, is amazing!

Some of you have asked questions about them, like whether or not they are for sale, if I am making more, where they are available etc. so I thought I'd try and answer those things here.

The 10 characters listed below are all one-of-a-kind creations which I won't be creating again. Each character comes with it's own personal tag (like in the pictures above) which I have signed and numbered, 1 of 1. These characters have been specifically created for Craft Victoria's month of February window exhibition enCOUNTER. All of the characters in the window are for sale through Craft Victoria and will be on display in the window until March 5th. Anything unsold by this date will still be available at Craft Victoria in their retail space below the window display. Be warned this place is the retail wonderland to crafted, handmade treasure.

Craft Victoria has a few other goodies of mine in stock which I will share with you over the coming days.



Christina said...

Love love love love love! Had to feature your circus on my blog today.


katiecrackernuts said...

They are brilliant. There's no doubt and I spied them on Kickan and Conkers today too so the fabulousness of them is being shared around the world.