Two days left until this all needs to come together for the window display and still a bit to do. I'm so excited and freaking out at the same time.

I'm also hoping to have extra one-off brooches made that support the window theme that will not be in the display but in the shop area at Craft Victoria. So if you are stopping by to take a peek be sure to head down the stairs into their amazing gallery and store spaces too!

I am interested, how do you manage your 'craft' time? Especially between full time work and your crafty work. Or are you lucky enough to make a living from just your craft? Or perhaps part-time works for you. Some weeks I find I really struggle to balance the two and with little hours of sleep by Friday (sometimes even earlier) I'm a wee bit grumpy. Eek. Today is Friday, no? Watch out!

Just kidding. It's a bit of a catch-twenty-two really because if I get proper sleep over deciding to craft I am a grump because of that too. Creating with my hands is something I must do. Even just in really small doses. This years challenge is to find the right balance!


katiecrackernuts said...

When you find the right balance, you can package it as "steps" and flog it on the speaker circuit. You'll make yourself a fortune. I have enjoyed the documentation of your process.

Kirsty Lee said...

Gee I have been wondering the same thing to be honest. I work full time and the only time I get to do my crafty stuff is after hours and weekends. I've done a few all nighters as well. It helps that my husband works on Saturdays, so I can really get stuck into it on those days without distractions, but otherwise I know what you mean about grumpy Fridays!!!! Especially when the house is messy and there a million and one other things to do before you get onto crafting!

I think it comes and goes though. I put in hours of work, which is frustrating mostly due to lack of sleep, but then the work eases off and the excitement and reward come not long afterward. Then its back to more hard work, and so on it goes - well that's what I've found anyway. I think for myself too, I want to be busy and a bit sleep deprived at times because then I know I'm actually achieving things. Like you said - catch twenty two.

I would LOVE to make a living just from my craft, but alas, I think there are only a select few who do it successfully - unless they live on peanuts. I really don't know how they do it... but if you find out, let me know!!!!

Oh and I'm VERY excited to see the window. I'll be making a trip on Monday at lunchtime, for sure!!!!
Good luck!

Busy Bird said...

throw a two year old on top of that and i would say it's an impossible dream! I would love to find the balance but you just do what you can when you can. I can't wait to check out your exhibition and I love the theme - will be sure to pass the word around! Goodluck - it will be great.

mel bomba said...

i think it is an impossible dream but many of us keep on dreaming, i thought i had no time before the little one came along and now i realised i must have wasted a lot of it.

oh i wish i was in melbourne to check your display out, the progress shots look amazing.