The incredibly beautiful Charles Bridge from five different angles. We never got sick of it!

Prague's retro looking trams! Love.

St. Nicholas Church in the centre of the Lesser Town Square (Malostranske namesti) where even the lamp posts are beautiful!

The Powder Tower built in 1475 which I couldn't help thinking looked like a viking!

Prague's amazing Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square with parts dating back to 1410. I love it's Medieval style and the little skeleton guy at the top right closest to the center.

How cute, Prague is held together by giant buttons all over the streets.
The John Lennon wall. We were certainly feeling the love in Prague and didn't want to leave and what a sad day it was when we did.

Prague also has it's own little bridge covered in love padlocks. This was right near the Lennon wall.

And this waterwheel is right behind the bridge with the love padlocks shown above. The view is from the Charles Bridge at night. Gorgeous!

So much history. Here at the Old Jewish Cemetery there is said to be around 12,000 tombstones present and a possible 100,000 people buried. The feeling walking through this area was eerie and beautiful. A groundsman was raking the autumn leaves from between all the tombstones as we walked the path marked out for visitors.
The husbands favourite fast food lunch.

Super large scale graffiti we spotted in Prague. We later came to realise this was by Italian street artist Blu who's work we also saw at our next (and last) stop - Berlin!

Blu has filmed the production of a number of his large wall murals which are amazing, plus other graffiti animations however last year he created a rather indepth animated piece on evolution titled, 'Big Bang, Big Boom'. IT IS AMAZING to watch.


Nell said...

I went to Prague about 7 years ago and had such a brilliant time. Such a random place though.

Hope you had an awesome weekend xx

ps. Thank you for adding my shop to your favourites on Etsy, so cool of you! xx

Kylie said...

Wow... you are really making me want to visit there Evie! Love the mural :) Kx

Bernard said...

The Love Padlock tradition is very sweet indeed !

Now you can also do that on the Internet :

Cathg1g2 said...

How wonderful, I love the John Lennon wall and buttons! All of it!
Thanks for sharing your pics

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Love the astronomy clock, and the love padlocks, and the JL wall, and the cobbled stones, and the buttons!

I'm seriously in love.

Lauren said...

oh! we were in Prague for Christmas! we stumbled across the tank wall...BUT didn't see the John Lennon wall! oh lovely! thanks for getting me nostalgic! :)