More from the streets of Berlin. So much to look at! The streets in some areas are so colourful it felt a little like home here in Melbourne. The very last one is another by Blu who we also spotted in Prague. Amazeballs!

That's all from our travels. I really want to revisit some of these places and would go tomorrow if I could but for now revisiting our pics will have to do! I hope you have enjoyed seeing them too. Tomorrow I will get back to what is going on here. It's pretty exciting too. Promise. I've been busy creating new things for a very exciting project.


Kylie said...

Wow Evie! Just fabulous. Thanks for showing these - I really loved it :) Kx

Kim @ Emiti said...

Great photos. I'd have to say Berlin was my favourite place to visit in Europe. Such an awesome place

Anonymous said...

Aside from the amazing art, how cool is the balcony 6 pics down? Love it!

Can't wait to see what loveliness you've been planning! ♥

jagulor said...

Wow I just found your site, via a few other sites I cant remember but I love it...

What caught my eye was Berlin very familiar to me as My partner is German and we are thinking of getting married and I saw your photos of that too and wow, I was inspired at first I thought it was in Berlin then I read you had it in Melbourne.. Like you I want to elope and thought well lets get married in Germany when there next christmas but really those Germans make marriage complicated. I love your Melbourne one... just thought I'd let you know.

BTW I have added you to my blog roll, looking forward to future updates.

Much love and care

kym maxwell

PS: congrats on your show at Craft Vic

Bonjour Johanna said...

Photography number 4, one of my street art work ! :) but destroyed ahah ! I'm so happy to see it on your blog :) Thank for this picture <3

When did you took it ? Because I sticked it in july, & it was like this :



(ps : If you maybe like it :