new stockist

Handmade Romance goodies are now being stocked at Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane Melbourne! I am so excited to be stocked amongst so many other wonderful creations. The above pic is some stock delivered to Craft Victoria a couple of days ago. More to come, I will keep you posted... bow-ties could be involved!!

Oh and some of you may have noted something new above - the little animal faces. These are my new little Friendly Pets, they come as cats, dogs and bunnies. Their faces are drawn with fabric marker and extra embroidery details have been added, by hand making each one unique!

Don't forget today is also your last chance to enter the giveaway. Quick sticks!


Craft Victoria said...


teddybearswednesday said...

HURRAY EVIE!!! that's WONDERFUL NEWS- I'm so goddamn excited and thrilled for you, but not in the least surprised.
I had been wondering.....
Lucky Craft Vic I say xo

Jaclyn said...

wow, congrats! well done!

moose and bird said...

I love your new Friendly Pets. All of your brooches are simply amazing. x
P.S. Congratulations on the Craft Victoria adventure.

Anonymous said... So cute!!!!!!