market wrap up

Yesterday's Craft Hatch market at Fed Square was heaps of fun. There were so many great stalls and it was really nice to get to meet the other makers and interact with customers as well. This part was more enjoyable than I was expecting, being pretty shy I thought it was going to be really tough but everyone was so friendly and lovely. Hearing and seeing some of the responses to my work, in person, really made my day. It was great to to get to actually meet some of the people behind blogs I visit too. A special hello to Belinda, Madeline, Michelle and Jess

Being my first market I was pretty nervous and a little unsure on how the day was going to go but I think I was extremely lucky to have had this experience as my first market. It was nice and warm given we were protected from the weather, in the most amazing space with a giant Michael Doolan sculpture hanging above our heads. Yummy coffee plus Beer Deluxe were also super close by (this came in handy for my helper when friends stopped by). All a bit much really given there were stories from other stall holders of extreme wind and sunburn experiences at their first markets!

Everyone's stalls were amazing! I really wish I had taken some more pics. Here are a couple I did manage to get however.

And these are treats I took home for myself. 
The little rabbit trinket box and bird brooch were both made by Amy from The Moby Duck. I was lucky enough to have my stand next to Amy who is the biggest sweetheart. Her wonderfully colourful and sometimes confused for soap, resin creations are soon going to be available online here. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this. And the clever and witty Fiona from Odd One Out made the sweet, retro caravan brooch. Fiona's stand was so much fun, her handmade felt food was amazing, you can see some of it in the pic below - there were fried eggs, vanilla slices, chocolates, jam cookies and a whole pizza!! Fiona stocks her wares online here if you would like to take a closer peek.


Valerie said...

Saw your stall yesterday and just would like to say a massive thankyou :) seeing your work was the highlight of my day as the whimsical and quirkiness of your bearded men and more.. made me smile and laugh!Your work is fabulous and thankyou for the inspiration!
truly amazing! thankyou!
from Valerie (we were the asian twins at the end of the day who took some photos :) )

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Your stall looks so cute! Hooray bearded men!

Danielle said...

Oh Evie you're table looked gorgeous! Very happy to hear you had such a great day... and Jake is the perfect model in pic 2 to ;) xo

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Sounds and looks great - love your dolls!

gretchenmist said...

so glad it went well for you. was really great to meet you + i love my cat :)

Craft Victoria said...

thanks so much evie, it was so much fun having you there!

Leni and Rose said...

Great to meet you too! Mr Bow Tie is loving his new home!

leslie said...

hey evie! followed a link here from someone else's blog and just put two and two together when i saw jake manning your booth above. such a small little crafty world :) LOVE your work, too!