cat lover alert

Look away now if you're a cat lover without an online cat-site addiction!

You can look at pics of Millie from the weekend instead but I strongly advise not to click through to the links below.
If you choose to, don't say I didn't warn you!

For those of you who can't resist... I've only recently been introduced to dreamcats and The Catorialist.

I'm hooked.


angela said...

Ha ha, The Catorialist : )

That is sooo funny!!! I LOVE IT!!! Such distinguished cats the have photographed. Thanks for the feline linky love!

Lizzie said...

Your Millie is gorgeous. I found the Catorialist recently too. Its so fantastic. Just about to click onto your other link... i love online kitties :)

thenextarrow said...

this is the sweetest thing i've seen all day. adorable!

xo Alison

Tuxedo Black Cashmere Pink said...

Millie = divine!

emedemarta said...

I've just found your blog,
and what a happy encounter :)

Millie looks lovely,
and oh.. those links!

Brit said...

I'll have to check out the The Catorialist link... Sounds funny!! I'm not a cat person, but your cat is super cute!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Millie, you are just too cute.

nikki said...

check out gatopoder -