car type

I would definitely say I'm not really in to cars. I'm also definitely not a car snob. I very rarely, if ever, think about them. I'm just pretty happy if I can get from A to B and back again, with reasonable comfort. My first car had no air-con or CD player, even though I loved Chuggs (she looked something like this), living in country Victoria where most of the summer is well above 30 degrees, melting was definitely not a good look. So now, my 'reasonable comfort' equals air-con!

This weekend however, while stationary at traffic lights, which took forever to change, I started to really look at the cars around me. One in particular caught my eye. From where I was positioned all I could see was part of the badge - MO..., given the size and age of the car I assumed is said Morris. (My Mum has a sunny yellow Morris Minor as her first car, possibly why Morris came to mind.)

Oddly I've thought about this car a lot since then and had to see what I could find on Google.

This is it.

image from here

A Morris 1100 built between 1962 and 1974. I think if I were a car, I'd be this.

Do you have a car type?


Kellie Christie said...

I always thought if I could have a car for each day of the week my list would include a Kombi, old beetle, old mini, old fiat 500 and some sort of old morris too. Thinking practically though I really don't think that I could do without aircon and powersteering. Ah well, they are beautiful cars.

Sara said...

HAH! I am a light powder blue Volvo sedan. Zippier and more streamlined than the wagon, with a calm yet sunny disposition and predictably reliable.
I miss my first car Elliott, he was a Ford Lazer with broken air con and a cassette player. I stuck harry potter stickers on him and called him a Nimbus 2000. I choose not to remember all the times he broke down on me and left me stranded in tears!!

Cat said...

Love that you nicknamed your car Chuggs...that is hilarious!

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm abit into vintage cars although I cant drive ( go figure). I'm rather partial to a Morris myself, also love a good old Volkswagon beetle, or VW dibby van, but my favourite car of all time was the car my mum and dad had as a young couple. An EH EJ Holden Special ( love it it has "special " written on the side) is a powder blue/ yellow or that lovely old vintage green. I 'm not fussed about colour and a bit worn it, not minty.
Mum and dad's one number plate's was something like LAR- so they called him Larry Special. SO all my life Ive wanted my own Larry special

teddybearswednesday said...

OH dear the amount of spelling mistakes in my last comment, meant to be "in a powder ..." and "worn in"..
too many late nights.xo

Clare B said...

I fell in love with my great-aunts vintage red mini - I literally cried when I found out that it was in a crash and didn't survive (thankfully noone else was hurt though). Having said that, I am loving not having a car at the moment and getting around by bike and public transport. If I had a car (and it would be a small, cute thing - but not necessarily a mini) I would also have a driver... a girl can dream.

katiecrackernuts said...

I'm with Kellie, and used to drive a red Fiat 500 - the old-style, cute as a button ones. My Dad has a VW beetle and I'd love to own one, or a combi.
My Dad's a vintage car and bike enthusiast so his garage is chock a block full of old event posters - and yes the hand drawn ones, with hand done lettering, are fantastic.

Erika said...

Oh this is a beauty. I'm a bit of an old car buff and have a 1966 Volvo Amazon...I feel like it suits me pretty well. I've had it since I was 21...14 years!