camilla engman

I showed you a sneak peek of this pretty book a few posts ago and thought you might like to see some more. It really is pretty.

It comes with extra goodies too - postcards and a mini book on Moran the dog.

I really like the simple, black line, characters illustrated on some of the title pages.

And the limited palette paintings and illustrations below are ever so lovely too.

The two spreads above make me want to cut paper! And again, there are more of those cute, black line characters. Cute!

Look closely.

A boxing baby?!

Some much to look at in these pages.

I had such a nice time when I got to sit down and slowly take it all in, made even better by a rainy day and a yummy glass of red!


teddybearswednesday said...

what a beautiful book, it looks like an absolute must have. xo

Lorena Ortega said...

The illustrations are lovely. I draw too, and I would like to learn has to do that on a photo.

Veja cecilia said...

I like it aswell, it true eyecandy!

Anonymous said...

i love camilla engman. her work is so unique and beautiful. thanks for sharing this!

xo Alison

Brit said...

I can go though that book over and over again, so many lovely details! I'm curious if there will be a second volume of the suitcase series by another talented inspirational artist!

Luna said...

Thanks for sharing some more of this. I love it!