The following was overheard between a lady and a little girl this week while walking in to work one morning. Everything the little girl said was in a very matter-of-fact voice.

L: When
you were a fairy?

LG: Yeah.

L: When were you a fairy?

In the olden days.

L: What... before you were born?

LG: Yeah.

L: What colour did you wear? No. Wait. Let me guess.

I wanted to follow to see where this story went but I was already late as it was.


pixelhazard said...

Oh no, will we never find out what colour she wore? I love little kid stories!

Christina said...

Awww cute, in a weird way! Have you seen the blog Overheard in New York?



Sara said...

bless her vibrant imagination!

Lady B said...

Beautiful! gives me goose bumps on the inside.

PottyMouthMama said...

So cute. I love when little kids talk about the olden days. Noah tells me Matt used to snowboard in the olden days. SO FUNNY!

Lightning Heart said...

hahaha that's so cute!

gretchenmist said...

so cute!
i'm passing on the Kreative Blog award if you haven't already received it :)

Brit said...

Aww how cute, the imagination can go far! I wonder how the conversation progressed...!