new york city - last stop!

SO many buildings! The incredible view from the Empire State Building. When I see Manhattan Island like this I can't help but think, 'Why doesn't it sink?'. Hehe.

The Domino Sugar building in Brooklyn, spotted from a ferry cruise around all of Manhattan Island. To anyone heading to NYC I highly recommend seeing the city this way, provided you have a few hours to spare.

Madison Square Garden, NBA match. Celebrities in the crowd - Whoopi Goldberg and Spike Lee, oh and one of the ladies from the Golden Girls - we think, we can't quite remember. Also spotted was Kate Hudson entering The David Letterman Show. We weren't aware of who she was at the time as we were on the opposite side of the street and she looked tiny, like a 12 year old girl. It wasn't until later that night we tuned in to the TV and realised it was Kate.

NYC was our last stop. It was also the coldest place on our trip but it was by far one of the highlights. It was my partners third visit and my first so there were a lot of places he wanted to show me. We did heaps of walking and exploring, there was always something to see. And although we were here for the longest amount of time we somehow don't have as many photos as every other place... perhaps because it was towards the end and we were a little tired of snapping away!

Anywho, we were so sad to be leaving and for our time abroad to be ending that we didn't even mind the 2 hour delay snow had caused to our flight home! The plane needed a hose down (with everyone inside) before we could take off. Even with this delay we landed in Oz on time, however the one and only flight we would miss on our whole trip would be the one from Sydney to Melbourne!

Thanks for following along while I have been posting our trip photos from this time last year. I have really enjoyed looking back at each place and sharing some of our snaps with you.

Stay tuned... I will be having a little giveaway this week to get in the spirit of Christmas!


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Looks like you had an amazing time - great pics. xx

amy said...

oh new york new york, one day we shall meet. until then i will live vicariously through the photos of others :)

lokman said...

Good to meet Alice in NY, cheers.