typography love

Found via Play Me Design. This title sequence is amazing!

I remember the first time I saw Catch Me if You Can, the opening stayed with me long after the movie. Do you have a favourite title sequence?

I also love the opening for Dexter... and the show!


teresa said...

Definitely Stranger Than Fiction. It had similar infographics throughout the whole film.

Emjie said...

Graphic agencies that handle the title sequences have definitely become the new superstars of cinema, sometimes saving a film, and always enhancing.

One of my favourite title sequences is for “Zathura”. I love the clunky feel to the metallic moving parts of the board game.
I also love the title sequences used in all 3 “Spiderman” films, which make a connection to the comics by having a montage of hand drawn illustrations.

Jodie said...

I love it. I'll watch this again and again ...I am a typography nut!