spain : barcelona

Barcelona was the place I was looking forward to the most on our trip. I was not disappointed! I loved it. And as a fan of Gaudi's work I had to keep pinching myself while seeing his amazing creations in the flesh after years of looking at pictures in books.


Outside. So magical.


The Gothic Quarter. Beautiful.

On the day I especially fell in love with Spain (as mentioned in previous post) we bought food for our lunch at a market and then made our way to Park G├╝ell. The place I was most excited about seeing!

After walking around for a while and making our way towards the top we stopped for lunch.

Me. Very unsuspecting of what was about to happen next.

The view from where we had lunch. Behind where we were sitting. Amazing.

If you look at my hand you might be able to guess what happened (not sure why it's on the wrong hand). Yes. I was proposed to and yes, I said yes! Yipee!

Um and in case you were wondering, no that is not real bling. I was proposed to with a giant plastic diamond ring from
Bernard's Magic Shop. And because of this I thought it was a prank, actually first of all I thought he was taking another photo. It became a funny moment. And then the realisation he was serious. There were tears. Anyway my magic ring broke two days later but I still have it. It's pretty cool. And now I also have a non-plastic ring. Which is pretty cool too.


Gina said...

Love all the pictures, particularly the food market...
and CONGRATULATIONS! How fabulous, how romantic, and I especially LOVE the plastic bling. It's very special when the guy manages to keep the element of surprise in there.

teddybearswednesday said...

What an amazingly beautiful place!
And how totally fitting, romantic and exciting what happened next!! SO gorgeous! ANd very special too.

Emjie said...

Oh -oh! That is a lovely story. What a wonderful, and cute, way to propose. You must hold on to that first ring no matter what.
I think Gaudi was way ahead of his time (and ours).

Bexy said...

just perfect. Yay!

captain kk said...

looks magic.. can't wait til we get around to travelling to spain :) hola!

Christina Lowry said...

Are these pics from last year? Did you get engaged then or more recently? I am a bit behind on reading blogs!!

My hubby proposed to me with a vintage Bakelite ring I found at a market. I spotted it and tried it on and was going to buy it, when he said he would buy it for me. A couple of weeks later I couldn't find it anywhere but didn't want to mention it to him in case I found it. Turns out he stole it to propose to me with! I have a real ring now too, as well as the old one. :)

Martta said...

Oh I love your story! The fake ring and all. I also have a big city crush on Barcelona, and entertain myself by daydreaming what living there would be like. Though I always get into trouble in Spain as everybody assumes I speak Spanish(because I look very Spanish in the eyes of the Spaniards) and get into awkward situations.

Sophie said...

I love all the magical moments, so happy for you to have such a romantic partner in life.

This morning was very cool, but as I read your story..It's warming..

^-^ Blessing

PottyMouthMama said...

Happy days! Woohoooo! I am excited for you. And could it have been a more beautiful setting?? NO! It's perfect. Wowowowow. Congrats cats. x

Lucy said...

Oh Evie I am wracked with guilt because I haven't visited here in a little while and did not realise you got ENGAGED!!! Aaaghh! Congratulations and how exciting!!
Wow I would like to know all about your wedding plans... I think I may never be getting married (my fella is dead against it unfortunately) so must live vicariously through other people's wedding plans. :)

Ps) LOVE the holiday snaps! Barcelona - so beautiful. xxxx

Kylie said...

This is just the most gorgeous post. Love the photos - so many memories there and your lovely lovely proposal story... just beautiful.
Oh I LOVE Barcelona (please don't think I'm making this up but we're going there at xmas time too!) Okay, and skiing in Andorra, but that's it so you don't think I'm improvising every time you post! ;)
Thanks for this Evie... really enjoying these posts. K

little lost love said...

Congratuulations lovely! Amazing pictures & the ring looks huge!!! Xx Hollie

Lyn said...

Congratulations! Such a romantic proposal :)
Love love the photos lots too!

mel bomba said...

WOW, how exciting, congratulations!!

tea with lucy said...

Yay for you. A beautiful story. Such wonderful times ahead.

.girl ferment. said...

well congratulations
barcelona remains one of my favourite cities