hanging out

These cute little friends I made seem to enjoy hanging out. But perhaps I should swap their positions so at least they make eye contact! I think I'll go do that now.

And I hope you are all having a great weekend whoever you are hanging out with!


Brit said...

So so so cute! I love your style of drawing!

Kylie said...

I love these Evie! I've been thinking about making something similar - great minds :) K

Sophie said...

Hi, Evie.
Love the hang out !
You have incredible imagination..
I hope you are busy hang out with your hubby too!


Clare said...

Pretty darn adorable - Can't pick which one is cuter!!

Noelia said...

Maybe thet like to be like that so nobody knows they are datintg hahaha

Cindy said...

I so love them! You are so freaking clever. I had a great weekend hanging out with the smalls, hope yours was a goodie too