england : london

This time last year my partner and I were on a plane heading to England, our first stop on a 2 month adventure. It was my first time overseas. One year on we are wishing we were having another OS adventure! Alas that is not the case. So as I reminisce I thought I'd share some pics with you as I realise I didn't get around to sharing many with you when we got back.

First stop London.

The view...

..from here.


misako mimoko said...

Hello evie :)
thank you for your sweet words and support, so nice reading your comment!
wish you could be here joining the workshop!
happy monday :)

Kylie said...

Oh my that makes me feel homesick!!! I know I'm from here but I lived there for so long that I don't think I know where home is anymore ;) Gorgeous photos - love the view of Tate Modern from St Pauls :)K x

p.s. (Sorry if you totally hate me but we're there for xmas this year.)

Brit said...

These are lovely, London is so beautiful (especially in the busy Christmas period)! Had a look at the other pictures of your 2 month adventure. Neat street art you found all over Europe. Must have been 2 lovely months!

Conversation Pieces said...

We've been doing something similar - we were in Japan this time last year and have been looking back at the pics thinking can we go back now! Good London pics :)