ollie anyone?

recycled skateboard napkin rings from here (image also from there)

Some time ago, well actually it was 11th August, Alarna from
Little Jane St did a lovely post on the opening of Nook - a beautiful store in Brisbane full of all sorts of gorgeous things. In one of the pictures, below the clever Able and Game greeting cards were some fun, brightly coloured bangles. I couldn't read their tag and there was no reference to them so I quizzed Alarna to see if she knew more. She kindly did a little investigating and found out they are by 2ReVert and can be purchase online from here. And they are made from recycled skateboards! Neat!

Anyway I've been meaning to do this post for ages and let you all know how nice Alarna is. In case you didn't know already. She's a clever cookie too.


at swim-two-birds said...

love them :-)

Bexy said...

What an awesome idea, they are great! Thanks for sharing, they have gone straight to my lust-have list!