pattern mash-up

I keep thinking about this lovely Sonia Delauny post over at AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS. I need to get my hands on that wonderful book!
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AT SWIN-TWO-BIRDS, if you aren't already familiar is an amazing blog from the very talented Renilde Depeuter. Her incredible needlework absolutely has my heart.
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The reason for the Sonia revisit is, well, I'm not too certain but I seem to have patterns on my mind of late. They seems to be all I am seeing!

I've also been a follower of the delightful
Cecilia Pattersson since before I started my own blog and I've loved watching her journey, studying illustration/pattern design. This originally inspired me to start thinking patterns sometime last year.
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I absolutely adore Cecilia's graduation exhibition outfit! How fun!

Lately the new
Mocium range has been popping up on various blogs too, with its beautiful patterns, which have me gushing. I was introduced to Mocium by their Fall 2006 range, I still love this photoshoot and have one of the pics on my pinboard at home.
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Another pattern happy brand I've recently come across is, David David form the UK. So bright and fun. Although, I may be a little biased in my admiration as the red and yellow in the bottom right pic below makes me think of Australian lifesavers! See them?
above images from here

Anyway, perhaps when I finish, or should I say at least start my redwork piece for The Quilt Project, complete this brooch and get started on the next stage for these little beards, I will begin experimenting more with my own pattern ideas. Why are there so many thing to do? Then again, maybe I'll start this too and finish the others later...hehe.

Oh, and just for fun, great blog
Pattern Pulp.


Veja cecilia said...

Oh, how great of you to mention me:)

at swim-two-birds said...

hello Evie, nice to meet you here, and of course i don't mind, on the contrary!

Anonymous said...

that is some seriously great needlework!

Checks and Spots said...

Speaking of your little beard project, I thought of you when I stumbled across these moustache bandanas on etsy!!

Bek said...

I love the mocium tie front dress. I saw on a blog somewhere a tute to make it, but I am not sure I could pull it off. Great pattern mashup post.