glowing kitty

image from here

Oh no! My cat is glowing. I think she swallowed a torch! No. Wait. That's a handmade, organic cotton, cat lamp!

I'm sure my cat would try and unravel this like a giant ball of wool but I still think it's pretty neat! Found at this etsy store.


rachel said...

I can pretty much guarantee my cat would destroy that lamp, too. But it would be cool to have while it lasted.

Christina Lowry said...

If it wasn't my cat destroying this, it would be the baby! He is fascinated by the kitty and this one wouldn't be able to run away when it has had enough 'love'. It is super cute though, but I would cry if it got ruined!


Amy W said...

too cute! i love his little stubby legs. thanks for your comments on my blog :)

pixelhazard said...

Oh it's so cute! If only i didnt already have a star lamp of sentimental value