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I stumbled across Privelidge House the other day while reading Mel Stringers blog. Privelidge House belongs to the super talented Caitlin Shearer.

You may be familiar with Caitlin's work, she is going great guns around the place with her first solo show earlier this year, a feature in Dujour Magazine, some rather adorable work for Hopeless Hotel and the like. If you aren't so familiar with her work do check out her flickr pages and etsy store.

Caitlin has a regular blog too which I was aware of, but the other she is involved in - Privelidge House full of artist interviews
was news to me. I love this sort of thing! A little sneak peak into the minds of creative types. Great reading, of which I now have heaps to catch up on! Crazy thing is nearly all of the lovely talents interviewed are in their teens / early twenties and they are all so, so good!


pixelhazard said...

These something randomly sweet about this work

Kylie said...

I've just been lost in looking through all these wonderful links :) Fabulous post! Just amazing seeing all this work and reading the motivations behind them. Thanks for this :) K

at swim-two-birds said...

yes they're so young!
Didn't know Caitlin's work yet, thanks for sharing.

Daydream Lily said...

oh I didnt know about this other site of hers either. thanks for the heads up!!
x Liss