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Some items from today's adventure.

Today was quite busy for a Sunday, a good busy though. First stop, Green-Wood Gallery in South Melbourne to check out 'Such is Life', an exhibition featuring artists James Reka and The Yok. A great subject, exploring the values and attitudes of life as an Australian bushranger with a modern twist. I really love Reka's confident brushwork on canvas, he has such a strong, refined graphic style.

Wall outside the Green-Wood Gallery.

Before leaving the area I quickly stop by the wonderful Coventry Bookstore, after all it is literally around the corner. No buying today, I restrain myself! I've bought a couple of books recently. Hopefully I'll get time to show them to you this week.

The main reason I'm in this part of town howver is to donate blood so off I go. It has been a while since my last donation. I'm often near anemic so can't donate. Luckily today my red cells were hitting the right numbers and I am able to go through! It was busy, to say the least, which is excellent to see but also equals a long wait... perfect for some catch up reading.

Once done donating I make my way through the CBD, when... out of the blue I almost get completely side swiped by a crazy, driver going too fast to slow down when the car in front of him makes a turn. He reacts by swerving into the next lane. Hello! I am driving in the next lane. Brakes slam, horns honk and my heart rate goes through the roof. All I can say is, lucky there were no trams because the only reason I didn't get hit was by freakishly swerving out of the way onto the tram tracks at lightning speed! Phew!

I was planning to stop in the city to try and find the 'Looking to the Past' exhibition which I failed to find yesterday but decided after that little episode to get out of there as soon as I could!

BTW if anyone knows where the Looking to the Past, exhibition is, I would love to know. It's part of the State of Design Festival, the guide says it's at Fashion Incubator in Melbourne Central but when I went on Saturday it was all locked up with a sign saying they were in the process of moving...?

Inside the Exhibition Building. Image from here.

Instead I head straight to Design Made Trade - the State of Design Festival's design fair. I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time looking around all the exhibits here. Held in the beautiful Exhibition Building the setting alone is amazing. And unable to resist a couple of purchases I picked up Keep Cups for me and the boy. A smart, stylish, greener alternative to takeaway coffee cups! I was also tempted by a Victoria Mason piece I have been wanting for so, so long...finally it's mine! Only problem is, now I have my eye on more and not a birthday in sight!

So cute. I realise the printed version of the Victoria Mason Sharpening necklace matches the life size one.

The day ended back at home with a little nap, which always happens after giving blood, followed by some knitting. A little tea cosy project, I will show you soon it is almost complete.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

P.S. Tomorrow night I am off to Design of the Times thanks to Lucy at The Design Files. I can't wait.


Cindy said...

I love my vic mason tape measure necklace and that one looks just as gorgeous. Hope it brings a smile like mine does

Christina Lowry said...

Wow, a wonderful arty day, an amazing jeweller and a donation to the blood bank! You know how to have fun and be community concious. You deserve that necklace. :)

PS. More books? Hmmmm... please share as I am book-buying-banned at the moment too!

muchlove said...

I love the Victoria Mason piece! I've been admiring it for so long.

Hmm, I want to check out the Looking to the Past exhibition too. I haven't been there yet though.

designani said...

Lovely blog
Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

Kiss from Melbourne

icandy... said...

Very interesting! Have a great day!

Christina :)