posted goodies

A very, dear friend has been a little unwell. Since we live in different towns I decided to send her a goodies pack via the post to brighten her day, including a crocheted scarf I made. Knowing how much I love a good, surprise, postie pack it is needless to say my plan worked. Postie pack = Brightened day!


Noelia said...

I love when i get things by email ... its like xmass everyday!!
Also because sometimes they come from different countries ... :D

Nice things you sent her!

Emma said...

There is nothing like getting mail, especially beautiful surprise care packages like this. What a nice surprise. The scarf is gorgeous. Love love love the colours.

Christina Lowry said...

How thoughtful! Who wouldn't love to find a package like this in the mail? :)

Danielle said...

That's so thoughtful of you! I am sure she absolutely loved it... especially that gorgeous scarf!!

redmag said...

Packages in the mail is one of the few things that makes living a long way away from your loved ones good!!
Love the Red Cross nice touch!

Bek said...

Lovely. I love your scarf!

Pip Lincolne said...

Hey, Lovely Evie!
I gave you an award on my blog.
I did.
So go get it.
xx Peeep

Lyn said...

ohhh you're awesome!
such a wonderful care package :)
and a great idea to cheer up a friend :)

jodi said...

evie, this scarf is adorable. do you have the pattern?