city adventures

Yesterday I went on a little adventure in Melbourne city.

I'd heard about the Break a Leg exhibition on at City Museum featuring Dame Nellie Melba (who you might have seen on our one hundred dollar note) so I decided to start here. The exhibition was quite small but included some beautiful pieces, such as costumes and costume designs from Melbourne's early theater days and this super large Louis Vuitton hat box belonging to the dame!

Making my way down Flinders Lane as I wanted to take a look in at eg.etal I stopped at Craft Victoria. So glad I did there was so much good stuff here (as usual) and I was tempted into buying a new brooch, by Scotatto to add to my little collection plus cute Thirddrawdown pillowcases by Evan Harris, I had been spying these for some time. There were also a couple of great exhibitions on at Craft Victoria, one in particular I found really captivating in a kind of strange way - Morphed, by Emma Davies. There are some pics of Emma's exhibition over here.

Next on to eg.etal, so good, before making my way to Metropolis and Magnation, these two stops involved lots of browsing but no buying... for now, although titles were added to the wish list!!

Finally after wandering and taking in a few more gorgeous spots I headed on to NGV to look at the Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen exhibition. I was almost going to check out the Dali exhibition too but with tired legs I opted out, plus I was lucky enough to see the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain last year so I figured it wasn't so bad I missed this one.


pixelhazard said...

The shopping and museums in melbourne is so great! Lucky woman

muchlove said...

I love that last picture. Are those paper cranes on a wall? Where did you see this? I must check it out!

katiecrackernuts said...

What a lovely day. The City Museum is a great small exhibition. Not too much to take in, but all of it memorable. The Jane Austen fashion exhibition sounds fabulous.

Lucy said...

Hey Evie... I have been having CBD adventures too this week - and also noticed those fossilised creatire artworks for the first time! ANYWAY I went to Dali on Wednesday evening. It was GREAT but so BUSY. Agghh. Crazy long lines of people to see each artwork. If you go, go early morning on a weekday! Don't even think about going on a weekend or Wed evening! But it is definitely worth seeing!