in progress - part 2

Following on from 'in progress - part 1' with all pattern pieces drawn, ready for fabric selection, I head to my fabric stash first. Mostly l try to use re-purposed fabric or use pieces I already have before hitting the fabric store. More making and less consuming has got to be a good thing. Right? Plus I live in a small space so being smart with the size of the stash is something I am trying to put into practice.

I love working with colour and pattern so mixing and matching fabrics until I have a combination I am happy with is always a fun part of the process for me. Generally I pick out one strong pattern or colour that catches my eye and then build the rest of my fabric choices around that piece.
For this project I have decided to create two new softie friends at the one time. I have enough fabric and am able to come up with two fabric combinations that I like. The above pic shows the two sets of colour choices for each softie, minus hair and main body which will show up a bit later on.

With fabric combos sorted and cut down to a more manageable size I pin and mark out all the pattern pieces for both sets. Hair and mustache now included in below photo.
Next up, no surprises, cut out all the pieces! Snip. Snip. [Insert preferred beverage here.] Mine was an earl grey tea, after all it was a weeknight!

I hope the images at this stage aren't too confusing since there are double the pieces but bear with me until the very end and I'm sure it will make more sense (I hope anyway. Now that I have started this I'm wondering what I've gotten myself in for!).

With all pieces cut and organised into each set, it is time to start putting the pieces together!

I have decided to do a little hand stitching in some places which will need to happen before I get out the sewing machine and preform any major construction. So next up I pick what colour flosses I wish to use and get to work!
See you again soon...


Danielle said...

You have been a busy girl! Looking forward to seeing the finished products xo

Veja cecilia said...

lovley post, so nice to se your process!

becka said...

This is so fun to watch! I can't wait to see the little friend once finished!

bex said...

this is looking good! cant wait for the next installment