little painted home

This little space is quite incredible. The paintings bring beauty and magic to a building that otherwise would be quite unmemorable.

I would love to take a closer look. Wouldn't you?

If only I could read the story that goes with these images. I'm not even sure what language it's in, I'm guessing Estonian as the website is .ee, if anyone can shed light I'd love to know!

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Emjie said...

It is cute!

But even cuter... I just noticed the umbrella image to the right of your blog (LOL). That is fantastic. If only it did rain peppermint icecream. Mmm... Peppermint and choc chip...

I also like the new header on your blog.

Danielle said...

Hey there chicken,
Your blog design is looking gorgeous!!! Even baby is kicking cause he/she is loving it too xoxo

Vegan and Vintage said...

I love that clip! Thanks somuch for sharing it, she is so lovely! I love the new (it's new right?) banner too, Pretty! xx