flaunt it!

There is someone I have been meaning to share with you for quite some time. You may of course already be familiar with this someone but for those of you who aren't I came across her about a year ago over here. From this first taste I was in awe and wanting more. Those illustrations! That cat! I excitedly made my way over to her blog The Moldy Doily which quickly became a regular blog stop and to my delight there was more to be seen of dear Georgie Boy (That cat!).

This super talented and who appears to
be super fun gal is none other than Kime Buzzelli!

Kimes living the dream as artist, fashion designer and up until recently shop owner, sadly her brick and mortar shop in L.A. closed it's doors. As I read her blog posts about the heartache of this decision and the stories of the shops' colourful life I felt a tear in my eye and I'd never even stepped foot inside this enchanting, daydream of a space. I can't begin to imaging how hard this decision must have been.

Sadness aside with the thought of one door closing and another one opening I can't wait to see where the talented Kime Buzzelli heads next. There is still her online store
to keep an eye on and there has already been a collaboration with Vans resulting in some pretty colourful kicks my feet would happily wear! Kime, I'll be watching you - in a good way of course!

Having said all of that what prompted me to do this post was a little weekend magazine flicking which reminded me how earlier this year while in NYC I stopped in my tracks. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Flaunt (Issue 95, Growing Pains) covered with Kime goodness. A no hesitations purchase. Here are some pics of said Flaunt issue I have been meaning to share!


M* (Melanie) said...

Thanks for sharing. Her artwork is awesome. And so is her cat!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. She is definitely someone I will be keeping an eye on.

handmade romance said...

Hi Melanie! Im so glad you like Kime and her cat. Evie xx

REread said...

great illustrations they remind me a little of Fafi