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You may already be familiar with blanket magazine. It's an online mag always full of inspiring, creative people. If you aren't, I do highly suggest taking a peek, the current issue will be the last issue free to download. Understandable in these times plus I never quite get how such great and obviously hard work is available for free!
Image from Betsy's Flickr

Via the latest issue of blanket I came across
Betsy Walton a very talented painter and illustrator from the US. I love the colours in Betsy's work, the bright pops of colour some in settings of nature, be it underwater or on land. There is a folk like quality in the shapes and patterns formed in her work as well that I'm really drawn to. For more on Betsy you can check out her blog and even buy prints of her work over here.

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Hello Sandwich said...

Betsy's work is just lovely isn't it! Thanks for the heads up!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Love love
Hello Sandwich