words and pictures : cozy

For me cozy is a little about feeling security, comfort, warmth and love, from others and within myself. The first thing that pops into my mind when the word cozy is mentioned is a cool night snuggled under my doona feeling all cozed, as we call it in this house.

I sleep with the doona way up high over the back of my head and down the side of my face covering me from my nose down. So basically just my eyes look out...sometimes I stick my whole head under! The feeling of being comfortable and warm in my own bed at the end of a day ready for sleep is a feeling I truly treasure and am thankful for.
I remind myself not to take this simple pleasure for granted. I feel safe, warm and loved, something to cherish I think.

I've also been know to prolong the coziness of staying in bed on a cold winters morning by sitting on the couch slowly eating breakfast and drinking a big cup of tea. My favourite old crochet blanket my mum made for me over my legs and Millie my cat curled up on my lap. Not limited to the weekends...I usually run late for work on these morning!

More coziness over here.


Kirsty said...

I sleep the same way...cosy indeed.

Your mum made granny is beautiful.

amy said...

your blanket is so beautiful!