4 day week ahead

So it's been a long weekend here in Melbourne, my partner and I opted to stay put, saving money and all in these times we are in. However this low key weekend and extra day off work has been super nice. There was some bargain vintage shopping. I picked up a lovely dress and wintery skirt (see pics below) which needs a button added but otherwise both are ready to wear once washed. This is pretty amazing for me as I'm short and usually have to take up hems. We also managed to get to the Gorker Gallery to see the wonderful exhibition While You Sleep by Ghostpatrol and Cat Rabbit. It ended yesterday so we were just in the nick-of-time! I forgot my camera but one of my favourites was the Skelator and H-Man softies, you can see them if you watch the slide show on the exhibition over here.

I also snuck in some time to watch my all time favourite movie and finished making a softie from old socks I have had cut out for weeks for Handmade Help. I will post pics of the little guy tomorrow.

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katiecrackernuts said...

I'm a fan of the colours in the skirt. Nice pickings.