craft, fire and art

On my recent trip overseas I spotted this giant teapot which reminded me of the lovely Teacups on Treetops. It has been 1 month today since we have been back home in Melbourne and boy what a month!Apart from the shock of returning to full time work there has been some time for crafting. I made my third pirate for Melissa's new little baby girl, Gwen.And some other little girls for more new arrivals.Yesterday I planted seeds after being inspired by this post.I also have something planned for Handmade Help and Mike's Felt-a-Long.

You possibly already know last weekend bought absolute devastation to Victoria and in addition to contributing in some way through Handmade Help
last night the other half and I attended a friendly poker game to raise money for the bushfire areas. We have donated what we can here and here and I'm donating blood as soon as the Red Cross can fit me in.

With 50% of sales going to Wildlife Victoria I couldn't think of a better time to buy a treasure from Hokey's etsy store. Not that I needed an excuse! There is more support going on at etsy over here.

With such disaster there is some comfort in knowing the outpouring of generosity and support from so many.

Gemma Jones in conjunction with Outré Gallery are hosting the fabulous 'Art Fights Fire Fundraiser'. A fantastic idea. Please go here to find out more. I can't wait to buy tickets at Brown Owls first Melbourne meet, also on this month! Fingers crossed for a winning ticket!


Annette Piper said...

Thanks for asking how the dance went - it rained all day and the road was pretty churned up, but people came anyway and we raised over $2000 last night! This is mind-blowing considering there were only about 40 people there! I left at about 12.30am and the children are pretty weary today.

Have you heard how the poker night finished? How terrible that they knew someone who was lost in the fire.

Emjie said...

Ooh! I do like that tea pot. It makes the shop look very welcoming I think. Imagine having something like that hanging just outside your front door, like an old fashioned lamp or a statue that represents the type of craft one is into.

Danca said...

Thank you for visiting!:) I'm adding Handmade Romance to my blog list. Love the recipes!
Hope all your family and friends are safe and well; I've been watching news about the fires.
All the best from Florida!

Danielle said...

Do you think Anthony would let me hang one those outside our house!??! ;) ... Also the dolls you made are gorgeous - love little miss pirate xo

Kirsty said...

Also loving your pirate girl. You're super good!

Veja cecilia said...

it seems as if you month home was as good as your trip... alot on the scedule!