Scratches on hand from Millie the cat.

Today I cut up some ribbon that coincidently perfectly matched the ring I was wearing. How super sweet is that? The ribbon also made a very pretty mess. Two super sweet coincidences in the one morning, I hope this is a sign of a great week ahead.

While cutting I listened to more sweetness from the lovely Melanie Horsnell!

And tonight, Im off to my drawing class. I have been going to this class every Monday night for the last few weeks, sadly this means no more Brown Owl nights this year...all good things must come to an end, right?

Stay tuned... if I'm feeling game I might just share some of these Monday night drawings with you over the coming weeks. It has been quite a journey so far.


mel bomba said...

What kind of drawing class, this sounds interesting, can't wait to see something!

Danielle said...

Hope you had fun at your drawing class and yes, please do share, I'd love to see your pics!

Anonymous said...

Your music choice is superb. Melanie's myspace has more.