A little update on the knitted vest from this post.

It's almost done... stitching together, finishing edges and finding the perfect button is all that's left - YAY! I'm happy with it so far, it's nice and chunky and will be just perfect for those cool spring mornings.

One thing I'm a little unsure of though, is how I'm going to finish it... I'm a bit of an amateur you see and love just having a go, the thing that's got me is the edging on the pattern its something I've never tried before so we shall see!

I'll post again when complete to let you know.


becka said...

Hello Evie! I'm really excited to see how this vest turns out. The colour is lovely. Unfortunately my mitten was still gigantor and became a small childs hat....haha.

Thank you for the lovely comment! I've been reading your blog for a wee while now, and really enjoy it! I totally hear ya when it comes to baking, but this hummus is so easy I promise. Feel free to email me at beckanathan@gmail.com and I can email you back with the recipe.

Hope you're well!

Danielle said...

This is looking awesome. If you need any finishing knitting advice I'm sure my mum would love to help (over a cuppa of course!) x