monday bloody monday...

8am Monday + giant nail + half flat tyre + $$$ = not the best start to the week!! No?

Had the day continued in the same manner in which it started I might been in a right ol’ mess by now but alas, it could only get better.

On my walk to pick up my car I found these gorgeous, tiny, dried pink berry things. I'm not sure what they are but I sure do like the look of them!

And... when I got back to my desk this book I ordered a few weeks back had arrived. I can’t wait to take a closer look.

Plus the radio is playing Vampire Weekend live tonight - a current fav on high rotation in earlier mentioned car!

So, all in all it wasn’t such a bad day after all!


Net said...

Lovely berries and a very beautiful photograph of them too. Your new book looks exciting - can't wait to see all your lovely embellishments!

Danielle said...

Not a good start to the week at all!! Hope Tuesday has been better for ya :)