commercials and experiments

I have no idea where I have been for the past couple of decades (perhaps under a fraggle rock - sorry I couldn't resist... terrible, I know!) on Friday night I finally got around to watching the Labyrinth. I don't know why I haven't watched this before now as I love a magical world full of magical creatures and I'm so glad I did. I certainly wasn't disappointed!

The DVD version I watched even had a making of documentary with beautiful behind the scenes and early concept drawings to drool over!

All this Jim Henson wonder spark a memory of something I'd seen about Muppets at acmi here in Melbourne. I had no idea if it had been and gone so after some quick investigation I found out that it was indeed still on and will be on until 14th September.
There are Muppet movies, The Dark Crystal, Muppet history and more, plus rare and experimental works being screened.

I was lucky enough to catch Commercials and Experiments, a collection of short films and crazy commercials from the 60's (when Henson was still in college) featuring Muppet characters. The things they got away with showing on TV back then - brilliant!

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