book: illustration • play

So, I have this slight obsession for books and illustration. One such book I am obsessing about at the moment just happens to be about illustration, it's called, 'Illustration Play: Craving for the Extraordinary'. I can't stop flicking through its pages!

The cover has real stickers stuck all over it and the internal pages are different textures, some coated, some uncoated, with an interview section at the back which is not only an interesting read it's also fluro pink! All featured artist have such unique illustrative styles stepping away from computer generated techniques and experimenting with more traditional skills such as collage, paper cutting, hand-knitting, embroidery, stitching and more!

Some of my favs include; Canadian Genevieve Dionne's pyrography pieces (pyrography = a technique of burning into wood or leather with a heated tool), AJ Fosik (USA) - a fav, Steven Harrington (USA) - silkscreen yumminess, Johanna Lundberg - who knew coloured matches could look so good, Carolina Melis (UK) and Megan Whitmarsh
(USA) - yeti + boombox! YAY!


Emjie said...

This is great. I learn and draw inspiration by glancing through these sort of books. Now I know what I am placing on my Christmas wishlist.

paintergirl said...

megan whitmarsh rules the school - nice!

mel bomba said...

Matches, I was wondering what they were, what a cool book you found.
Your blog is looking great and I love your title.